The Maryville College Model United Nations (MCMUN) Program offers a challenging and rewarding experience for Maryville College students, faculty, and high school leaders and students participating in the annual Model UN Conference hosted by the College.  The MCMUN Program consists of two experiential courses offered to Maryville College students in January-term, and the MCMUN Conference conducted at the end of January-term.  The first experiential course is a foundational course in United Nations history and practice for three (3) credit hours. This course is open to all Maryville College students.

It is a prerequisite course for the leadership course. Students will assist in the planning and leading of the MCMUN Conference.  The second experiential course is a leadership course for three (3) credit hours.  This course is by permission of the instructor. Students will manage the MCMUN Conference and have the opportunity to represent Maryville College at the United Nations and Model United Nations events in a manner and location of the Program Coordinator’s choosing.  Past travel has included the United Nations Headquarters in New York and the International Court of Justice at The Hague, Netherlands. The annual MCMUN Conference will consist of one or multiple sessions based on demand and available resources. This annual event provides a simulated United Nations forum where high school students take on the roles of delegates from nations all over the world and debate topics that are of international concern.

Not only does this conference enhance students’ (both college and high school) public speaking, debate, and leadership skills, but it also fosters an environment where students are able to embrace other cultures and perspectives, making them better, and more informed, citizens of the world.