Every student at Maryville College completes a year-long research project called the Senior Study, whether the student’s major is Business & Organizational Management, Psychology, Biology, Art or any of the other 40 major fields of study. These studies vary from laboratory experiments to forms of creative expression, and all Senior Study projects feature a student and faculty mentor working together in discipline-specific scholarship. Select a major from the dropdown menu to view examples of recent Senior Study titles.

Student Name Major Title Supervisor
Tori Bassett '16 American Sign Language and Deaf Studies
American Sign Language-English Interpreting

Acquisition of American Sign Language as a Second Language: Analyzing Syntax and Why it is Hard for Second Language Learners to Learn and to Maintain During the Interpreting Process

Ms. Peggy Maher
Stevie Gleason '16 Exercise Science

The Effects of a Nature-Based Physical Activity Setting for Children with Disabilities

Dr. Traci Haydu
Joel Thornton '16 History

9/11, A Biography

Dr. Dan Klingensmith
Randall Puckett '15 History Hallelujah, I’m a Bum: Industrialism, Progressive Reform, and the Role of the Industrial Workers of the World as a Home for Migrant Workers Dr. Doug Sofer
Philip Stephens '15 Management

America's Opiate Addiction

Mr. Clay Shwab
Bethany Plaag '15 Music

Musical theatre scenes: monsters and outcasts

Dr. Alicia Massie-Legg
Katherine Bilbrey '15 Design Working queens Ms. Adrienne Schwarte
Tyler Jones '15 Religion

Walling the Waters of Chaos: The Symbolic Utility of Thai Kingship and the Pursuit of the Bhumibol-Ideal

Dr. Andrew Irvine
Sophia Lively '15 Biochemistry Validation of cell culture technique and toxicity assays for light-triggered release of lapatinib (Tykerb®) from nanoshells Dr. Angelia Gibson
Justin Spigelmoyer '15 Psychology

Perceptions of Disenfranchised Grief: Evaluating the Loss of a Spouse or Child

Dr. Crystal Colter