Business Program Overview

Are you ready to travel the world? Ready to experience life in foreign cultures? Ready to tackle the challenges of modern global business? All business today is global, or at least affected by global events, and so thinking globally is the first step in learning to navigate today’s competitive business world. You’ll be immersed in a curriculum that requires you to spend at least a full-semester abroad in one of more than 100 countries and to study, and hopefully, become fluent in, a foreign language. You’ll also study international politics, economics, history, religion, and culture, as well as all the business fundamentals of accounting, finance, management, and strategy. You’ll form close relationships with faculty that have lived and worked abroad, traveled widely, and who can enrich your education through project-based learning, hands-on application, and invaluable connections. Our International Business major meets the market demand for graduates with a global mind-set who are knowledgeable, highly skilled, and experienced.


Course Offerings

The Major in International Business consists of 48-49 credit hours divided into two sequences of courses. All students take the first sequence which includes the following courses:

PLS212: International Politics (3 hrs.)
SLS299: Issues in Professional Development (2 hrs.)
SOC211: Cultural Anthropology (3 hrs.)
INT201: Contemporary Global Issues (3 hrs.)
ECN201: Principles of Economics (4 hrs.)
INB351-352: Senior Study (6 hrs.)
OVS 203: Cross-Cultural Preparation for Study Abroad (0-1 hr.)

One course selected from the following list:
REL212: World Religions (3 hrs.)
HIS221: Europe and the World in the 20th Century (3 hrs.)
HIS333: Studies in Asian History (3 hrs.)
HIS334: Studies in Latin American History (3 hrs.)
HIS335: Studies in African History (3 hrs.)

The second sequence of courses includes:
BUS201: Principles of Management (3 hrs.)
BUS215: Principles of Accounting (3 hrs.)
BUS329: International Business (3 hrs.)
BUS401: Strategic Management (3 hrs.)
ECN325: International Trade and Finance (3 hrs.)
BUS344: Principles of Finance (3 hrs.)
Or appropriate courses offered at an approved overseas institution.


All students must also complete two years of a foreign language (one year, normally two courses, beyond the 100-level general education requirement) or demonstrate sufficient foreign language proficiency. When English is a second language for the student in the major, he/she is exempt from the foreign language requirement and may be exempt from the overseas study requirement upon approval of the division chair.

The period of overseas study ideally will be at least a full semester at a foreign institution as described under Study Abroad in this catalog, and will typically take place during the spring semester of the junior year. The requirement for overseas study can also be met through a single period of study of at least six weeks at a foreign institution. Upon approval of the division chair, the overseas study requirement can be met through credit-bearing overseas internship or practicum equivalent in scope to at least six weeks of study at a foreign institution. Note that International Studies 201 and OVS 203 are prerequisites for all overseas coursework and study for which academic credit from Maryville College is to be awarded, and that courses taken during overseas study can substitute for major requirements with the permission of the international business coordinator.

Students majoring in International Business should plan carefully to allow for the required period of study abroad. Study abroad requires careful scheduling of on-campus coursework and anticipation of the likely additional costs related to travel. Study at foreign institutions is described under Study Abroad.

Students majoring in International Business may not minor in Business or International Studies.

A double major is not permitted in any combination of two of the following majors: Finance/Accounting, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing, and Management.