The minor in Medieval Studies gives students an opportunity to learn about the European Middle Ages from a variety of academic disciplines: literature, history, art, music, philosophy, and religion. It is most useful for those planning graduate study or teaching careers with a focus on the Middle Ages in any of these disciplines.

Maryville College Works is a comprehensive career preparation program that is integrated into the College’s four-year liberal arts curriculum. Key components include assessment, advising, networking and professional experiences.

Course Offerings

The Minor in Medieval Studies requires a minimum of 15 hours. Requirements include five courses from the following list:

ART 313: Studies in Medieval Art (3 hrs.)
ENG 331: Chaucer in Middle English (3 hrs.)
HIS 342: Studies in Pre-Modern History (3 hrs.) (only when the course focus is sufficiently medieval; requires permission of the Coordinator of the minor)
LAT 110: Elementary Latin I (4 hrs.)
LAT 120: Elementary Latin II (4 hrs.)
LAT 201: Intermediate Latin I (3 hrs.)
LAT 202: Intermediate Latin II (3 hrs.)
MUS 313: History of Western Fine Arts Music to 1750 (3 hrs.)
PHL 201: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (3 hrs.)
REL 346: Explorations in Christian Thought and Culture (3 hrs.) (only when the course focus is sufficiently medieval; requires permission of the Coordinator of the minor)

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Core Curriculum

The Maryville Curriculum, often called the “core” curriculum, consists of 51 credit hours. Some general education requirements are waived by virtue of the student’s major; others may be met by demonstration of competence. List of Core Courses:

Core Domain
Approved Existing Classes for New Core
(Other Courses to be added)
First Year Seminar FYS110
Composition & Speech ENG110 & ENG120
Quantitative Literacy MTH110
Religion, Spirituality and Critical Thought BIB130 or BIB140
Literary Studies LIT270 or LIT290
Historical Reasoning WCV180 or WCV190
Empirical Study of Person and Society PSY101, SOC101, PLS211, ECN221, ECN201
Culture and Intercultural Dynamics WRC370
Scientific Reasoning
[Students must complete 2 courses: 1 life science and 1 physical science. One of the 2 must include a lab]
SCI150, SCI350, BIO113, BIO115, BIO217, CHM111, CHM121, PHY101, PHY201
Mathematical Reasoning STA120, CSC111, MTH125
Second Language Completion of a 120 course in second language (e.g., SPN120, etc.)
Creative Arts FNA140, ART102, ART121, THT101, THT204,
3 HRS in any one of:
MUSE12, MUSE13, MUSE14, MUSE15, MUSE16, ART124, ART125, ART126
Ethical Citizenship in the World ETH490
U.S. Pluralism Designated Courses TBD