A. Review Required Core Courses for Fall Schedule:

1. FYS110 First Year Seminar (all students take this)
2. ENG108 Fundamentals of College Writing (refer to placement)*
       or ENG110 English Composition (refer to placement)*                                                              or ENG120 Advanced  English Composition (refer to placement)*
3. MTH105 Fundamentals of Mathematics (refer to placement)**
        or MTH110 Quantitative Literacy (refer to placement)**                                                    or MTH120 Elementary Statistics (refer to placement and major)**   

*Students with AP English or English Composition dual enrollment credit should register for ENG110 and take the English Composition Assessment in the fall.

**If placement is MTH105, it must be taken in the fall semester of the freshman year. All students must complete either MTH110 or MTH120 to satisfy the core requirement.


B. Prepare to Build Your Fall Semester Schedule:

1. View fall course requirements based on your anticipated major area of interest.
2. Print the required course list for your major area of interest for use at registration.
3. Proceed to Step C to register when online registration opens at noon on May 28.
4. Your schedule will be final approved by an advisor at Great Beginnings or during fall orientation. Seats are reserved when schedules are “successfully submitted.”


C. Registration Instructions:

Online registration will open at 12:00 Noon (ET) on May 27, 2015. Note: Never empty your cart completely or your account will be disabled! If that happens, contact the Registrar’s Office to have your account reactivated at:

1. Login to Self-Service with User Name and Password received via MC email
2. Click on the “Register” tab, then the “Traditional Courses” link
3. Do “Section Search” for each course listed for your major area of interest
4. Click the “Add” button once the course is found
5. Continue adding courses
6. Once the schedule in your cart is complete, “Proceed to Registration”
7. Click “Next” until message appears “You have successfully submitted…”
8. Click on “View Schedule” to see if all courses were added successfully
9. If any course does not appear, that section is probably full
10. Select another section, add to cart, and resubmit

Individual registration times will be e-mailed to students’ Gmail accounts prior to the week that registration begins. Registration times only indicate when the window for registration opens; windows remain open throughout the registration period.

Advising is required of all degree-seeking students prior to registration. Schedules submitted online will be approved by individual advisors before they become final.

Log on to Self-Service.