Maryville College proudly claims its Presbyterian heritage, from the time the Rev. Issac Anderson founded the college in 1819 to train ministers for the frontier of the United States. While holding strongly to its Presbyterian connection, the college honors and welcomes other perspectives. As a church-related liberal arts college, we prepare students for leadership, while challenging them to search for truth and to honor all people and all creation.

The Practice of Faith & Learning

The practice of faith and learning at Maryville College connects scholarship, worship, and community, by giving each student a place to explore, a place to grow and a place to commit. The whole community is invited to worship at the Center for Campus Ministry each Tuesday at 1:15 p.m.. Church and College Scholars are PC(USA) members with scholarships, often supported by Presbyterian Churches, who offer three hours of church-related service each week. 

The Connection is Alive

The Presbyterian Connection is alive at Maryville College, in a way that invites all students to become more thoughtful about their own traditions. Through that connection, we hope to nurture integrity between the faith we speak and the lives we live.