This page contains information for international students who do NOT have TOEFL, IELTS, EIKEN (STEP), iTEP Academic, PTE Academic, SAT or ACT scores, or those who have scores lower than the minimum requirement at Maryville College. These students may need further English language training before entering bachelor's degree programs.   

Students without English Proficiency test scores or with substandard scores can apply to be conditionally admitted.  This means that upon arrival, the student takes an English test and based on the results of the test, the student will follow one of the following paths:

  1. If the test scores are very low, the student will be admitted into our ESL program and will start college when his/her English level is sufficient for undergraduate study, either the following January or August when undergraduate classes next start.
  2. If the scores show that the student is very close to the required minimum score, the student may be able to take both ESL and undergraduate classes. (audit or for credit)
  3. If the student’s scores meet the minimum criteria, the student may start undergraduate classes without additional ESL instruction.

It is recommended that students who know they need further English language training, make plans to attend our ESL program prior to their desired college start date.  Find out more about our ESL program.

Language Proficiency Requirements

As mentioned above, International students with or without English proficiency may apply to Maryville College.

We do not require exams such as SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, EIKEN/STEP, iTEP Academic, PTE Academic for admission. However, the English proficiency tests (TOEFL, IELTS, EIKEN/STEP, iTEP Academic, PTE Academic) are recommended, to help us and to help you know your language ability. Please note: it is very difficult to obtain a student visa in many countries without proof of a qualifying exam score. 

Scores required for unconditional admission

  • TOEFL IBT score of 74 (with no sub score below 18) or paper-based score above 525 combined with demonstrated competency in essay writing
  • IELTS band score of 6.5 or higher
  • EIKEN (Step) score of Grade Pre-1
  • iTEP Academic score of 3.9
  • PTE Academic score of 50
TOEFL Information:

If you have any questions regarding TOEFL test dates and locations, please visit

IELTS Information:

IELTS is jointly managed by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL), British Council and IDP Education Australia, IELTS Australia. Please visit if you have any questions.

EIKEN Information:

For EIKEN/Step test, please visit


More information can be found at 

PTE Academic Information:

can be found at

  1. If you do NOT need further English training before entering university level programs, APPLY NOW.
  2. If you first want to study English, then enter university-level programs when your English is proficient, please see information about our conditional admission.

Note Regarding Language Proficiency: ALL new students are given an English proficiency test when they begin studies here; any student without the required scores who does not pass our English proficiency exam may be placed initially into our intensive English program (ESL). Those students can begin taking College courses once they have passed the proficiency exam given each semester.

Conditional Admissions Application Information:

Applying is easy. Students who wish to be conditionally admitted use the standard Maryville College international student application.  Find out more about application requirements.