New Lloyd Hall on schedule for students

Aug. 5, 2003

Dedication for Lloyd Hall is set for October 25, but the doors will open to resident assistants Aug. 8.

“It’s on schedule and should be ready for the kids to move in next Friday,” said Kevin Matherly, project manager with Partners Development, during a July 29 tour of the hall given to staff members. (Partners is overseeing the construction of the new residence hall on the Maryville College campus.)

Named for the College’s sixth president, Dr. Ralph W. Lloyd, and his wife, Margaret Bell Lloyd, new Lloyd will provide living space for 148 students and one assistant residence life coordinator. Ground was broken on the $7-million facility Oct. 16, 2002, in a location measuring a few yards from an older residence hall (also called “Lloyd”) that housed students from 1959 until last spring.

“Just about every suite is different,” Matherly said of the new facility.

Thirty-three suites are designed to accommodate four students; four suites are designed for three people; and two ground-floor apartments will each be home to two students. Of the nearly 40 separate living quarters, 12 contain kitchens complete with stoves and refrigerators; the remaining suites have “kitchenettes” – designated spaces with sinks and cabinets and enough countertop space for small refrigerators and microwaves.

All suites offer bathrooms and living spaces with tables, chairs and couches.

On each level of the four-story hall is a common kitchen, seating area and study room.

Interior walls are painted a very pale green, and trim work is a brick red, mimicking the exterior building material. Interior floors are both carpeted and tiled.

“ I think students will be excited about their new living space – it has more color and options than the rest of our residence halls, which should add a little fun,” said Michelle Ballew, assistant dean of students for campus life. “I have a feeling that the floor lounges and study rooms will become great hang-outs for our students.”

The majority of the building’s spaces are reserved for sophomores. Programming is geared toward wellness, with residents agreeing to abstain from tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs while living there.

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