Introduction to LAURELS

The publication of LAURELS celebrates the Maryville College commitment to superior teaching in the liberal arts tradition. Quite naturally, enlightened teaching is underpinned and informed by active scholarship. In this 2002-2003 academic year edition of LAURELS, Maryville College faculty demonstrate the remarkable diversity of interest and depth of professional involvement that excites and challenges students to reach beyond even their imagined horizons.

Student-faculty collaborations, particularly those with international dimensions, are an important feature of a Maryville education. I am delighted this edition highlights two faculty members whose research involves students in locations nearly half a globe apart in Southeast Asia and Northern Europe.

Many others of our faculty are introduced to you through their research, creative work, conference attendance and professional memberships, as well as through their international experiences. In the very best liberal arts colleges, scholarly vitality, enlightened teaching and student learning blend to enhance the educational experience for students and faculty members alike. LAURELS provides strong evidence of Maryville College's achievements in all these endeavors.

Robert J. Naylor
Vice President and Dean of the College