Campaign underway to honor Bunde, purchase instrument for chemistry lab

November 8, 2011
Contact: Karen B. Eldridge, Director of Communications

UPDATE: As of Jan. 9, 2012, alumni and friends of Maryville College and Dr. Bunde have given or pledged $24,930 toward the $28,000 goal to purchase an FTIR. Many thanks to all who have responded! If you would like to contribute to the $3,070 remaining or know someone who would, please contact Holly Jackson-Sullivan, vice president for advancement and community relations, at 865.273.8884 or

After 35 years of teaching in Sutton Science Center, Dr. Terry Bunde, Maryville College professor of chemistry, is hanging up his lab coat and goggles. The 64-year-old professor announced earlier this year that the 2011-2012 academic year would be his last.

And how does the award-winning professor hope former students and colleagues honor his years of service?

With a brand new Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer.

He wouldn’t take it home, of course. Ever the generous and thoughtful professor, Bunde wants to use his retirement as an opportunity to talk about the needs and the future of the Maryville College Chemistry Department.

He said he believes that an FTIR spectrometer in the chemistry lab will help Maryville College attract qualified organic chemists to apply for the position he’ll vacate in May.

“Most of the other colleges with which we would compete for a new organic chemist have these newer instruments,” Bunde explained. “The acquisition of a new FTIR spectrometer would complete the upgrade of those instruments used by undergraduate students in organic chemistry.”

The cost of a new Shimadzu IR Prestige is estimated at $28,000. To date, former students and colleagues have given or pledged $18,200.

“We only need $9,800 to reach our goal,” said Holly Jackson-Sullivan, vice president for advancement and community relations at the College. “I am confident that scores of other former students will come forward and give, recognizing the influence that Dr. Bunde has had in their lives – and the outstanding science education offered at Maryville College.”

Over the last six years, the College has upgraded several instruments needed to teach undergraduate organic chemistry. These include an Anasazi broadband Fourier transform EFT-60 NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) spectrometer, a Shimadzu 2400 UV-Vis spectrophotometer, a Griffin 300 GC-MS (gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer) and a Shimadzu LC-20/SPD-20 HPLC (high performance liquid chromatograph).

“The one remaining analytical method, and perhaps the most routine analytical method used by undergraduate organic chemistry students, is Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy,” Bunde said, adding that the two older instruments currently used for these analyses are inefficient and hard to keep operational.

“Parts for these two instruments are becoming almost impossible to obtain,” he said. “We desperately need to upgrade these instruments to a new FTIR.”

To make a donation toward the purchase of the FTIR spectrometer in honor of Dr. Bunde or to find out more about the campaign, contact Jackson-Sullivan at 865.273.8884 or

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