MC students’ photos selected in Photographer’s Forum magazine contest

March 1, 2013
Contact: Mary Moates, Communications Assistant

Maryville College students Emily Julian ’13 and Erika Collins ’14 were accepted as 2013 finalists for photos they submitted to Photographer’s Forum magazine’s 33rd annual “Best of College and High School Photography” contest. The photos will be included in the hardcover volume of Best of College and High School Photography 2013, which will be published in June.

Julian’s photo, “The Price of Education,” is a black and white documentary photo that depicts a student riot in Santiago, Chile. According to Julian, young adults were protesting for an improved education system. She said that the protesters wore gas masks to avoid breathing tear gas fumes issued by military forces that were attempting to calm the riot. The photo is a finalist in the competition.

“This photo speaks intensely to me, telling of what this young generation will endure to stand up for their rights and fight for their voice to be heard, no matter what it takes,” said Julian, who is from Powell.

“The Price of Education” is Julian’s second photograph accepted into the Photographer’s Forum competition. In 2012, she was named a finalist for her photo of wildfire smoke billowing from a mountain that was reflected in a lake in South Africa. The photograph was published in the hardcover volume of Best of College and High School Photography 2012.

Collins said that her photograph, “Amy in Profile,” was taken for a friend who was participating in a makeup competition. It received an honorable mention in the competition.

“This photo is special to me, since it was taken with a group of friends,” said Collins, who is from Knoxville. “I believe that, in portrait photography, you get to know your subject better, and it allows for a personal connection that others who view the photograph will be able to see, too.”

Collins said that she considered her acceptance into the competition an honor.

“I believe that when I receive any type of recognition for my work, it reaffirms my field choice and allows me to further define myself as an artist,” Collins said. “It also allows me to communicate my abilities to my friends and family who, maybe, are not so familiar with the field of art.”

Paula Campbell, adjunct instructor of photography at Maryville College, said that she is proud of her students.

“Having two finalists from Maryville College is fantastic,” Campbell said. “Photography is a competitive profession, and these two are preparing themselves well.”

According to Campbell, Photographer's Forum’s “Best of College and High School Photography” contest has been an ongoing competition since the 1970s. The teams of judges change annually and are consistently chosen from the top ranks of professional photographers and photography educators. This past year, there were over 16,000 international entries and, from those, Julian and Collins were selected.

“The Photographer's Forum is well-known among professionals,” Campbell said. “It will be a great citation on the students’ resumes, whether for graduate school or career.”

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