Fireside Chat at RT Lodge

Fireside Chats at RT Lodge


Maryville College and RT Lodge has partnered to launch a “Fireside Chats” program featuring Maryville College faculty research. Come join us, grab a glass of wine, and hear new research from a Maryville College faculty member around the fire. 

RT Lodge

Monday, January 27th from 5:00 pm-6:00 pm


Featured Speaker:

Dr. Nancy-Locklin-Sofer


 Join in the conversation centered around Dr. Locklin-Sofer’s areas of expertise and interests: Eighteenth-century law, women's and family history, and telling great stories.

About Dr. Locklin-Sofer:
Dr. Nancy Locklin-Sofer grew up in New England and joined the MC faculty in 2000, having earned degrees at Hartwick College, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Emory University. She teaches core history classes on ancient Rome, Gender and Family Roles, and History through Cookbooks, as well as popular upper division classes like Witch Hunts and Medieval Love. Balancing research and teaching, Locklin-Sofer is a former Fulbright Scholar who has also won the "Outstanding Teacher of the Year." She has published a number of works concerning women in the French province of Brittany during the eighteenth century.

 During a recent sabbatical, Locklin-Sofer wrote a book entitled "Murder, Justice, and Harmony in an Eighteenth-Century French Village." The project involves multiple research areas such as criminal justice, family roles, social networks, and reconciliation after violence. Read the press release about this new book! 

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