This mentor program initiative has come from people like you: alumni and friends voicing interest in being involved with students and sharing their experiences as well as from needs related to the MC Works program launched in 2014.  As you know, Maryville College Works is our four year curriculum that started in the fall of 2014 that includes a gradual discovering of strengths, exploring majors & careers and experiencing the work world firsthand through significant practical experiences (SPE) or internships.  These internships or SPEs take place in the Junior or Senior year of each student.  However, mentoring – networking and informational interviewing – are needs that are here and now.


The mentoring program will provide:

  • Beneficial mentoring relationships for the students currently enrolled in Maryville College as well as alumni seeking career resources.
  • Meaningful engagement opportunities with Maryville College for alumni and friends.

This mentoring option is included in the Partner & Connect portal on the MC website. The place where mentors register is the MC Connect database that students already search for potential jobs.  Through their MC Works curriculum and their advisors, they will also be taught to search this database for internships, service opportunities and mentors. 


So, the first step to becoming a mentor is to register with MC Connect. When registering, you will be asked several things that are similar to what our students will encounter an online job application including:

  • Personal Information: Name, address and contact information.  Here you tailor your contact information so that it is viewable by the student or not. If you choose not to share contact information, you will be contacted via the MC Connect system when a student chooses to interact with you. This is also where the number of students you wish to mentor is chosen.
  • Career: List your most recent or significant job position, what industry it is/was, primary job description or responsibilities.  If retired, complete the registration with the most recent experience in the work world and you will be given an opportunity to indicate you are retired.
  • Areas of Advice:  Indicate hobbies and interests, both personal and professional.
  • Education:  Education levels and institutions attended.
  • Your Student Experience:  Groups and activities in which you participated on campus
  • Mentoring Choices:  Finally you will be asked what kind of interaction with students you would like.

When you have completed the registration form, click Submit to forward your registration to the system. You should then get an email thanking you for your registration. After registering, in subsequent visits you will simply input your username and password to access your profile. You can then change any part of your profile, register for Career Center events as they come up and view pertinent Resources. 


Students are learning about the Mentor Program option. When students search for mentors, they will select the search option in MC Connect and input their interests, major, desired career, interesting industry, location and other characteristics that appeal to them in a mentor.  That is why we need you to be as thorough as possible when completing your information.   


Here is the link to register with MC Connect:  BECOME A MENTOR

Select this link and scroll to the bottom of the page to “Click Here to Register” and complete the registration form. When a student selects you as a mentor, you will be contacted in the way you chose in the registration process.  That is the time to share your experience, information and encouragement with the next generation of MC alumni. Be sure to check out the Resources tab in MC Connect for tips and tools for being an effective mentor.


Full Mentor Handbook (including all resources above)

Thank you for your service to Maryville College!


MC Connect is the Maryville College online resource board where students seek part-time and full-time work opportunities, internships, service opportunities and mentors. Please register with MC Connect to access MC students.

For further questions related to the Mentor Program, contact Angela Miller