Conversations on Faith & The Liberal Arts

“ the academy must become a more vigorous partner in the search for answers to our most pressing social, civic, economic and moral problems. ”

— Ernest Boyer

For one weekend each autumn, with the beautiful Smoky Mountains as a backdrop, leading scholars will gather to explore a single “big idea.” As topics and ideas change from year to year, the framework for exploration—liberal arts consciousness formed in a church-related context—will remain constant.

Purpose: To invite people from diverse backgrounds who are leaders in academic and religious life to engage in civil discourse about difficult questions.

Key Notes: The main speakers will be individuals of national reputation. There will be invited responses by relevant scholars.

Format: There will be ample time for discussion and dialogue. The number of participants will be limited so that all discussions will be plenary.

Results: The Symposium will begin important conversations that will continue elsewhere in printed form, as we distribute the published proceedings.


 The Maryville Symposium Commitment:

Proceedings Book Cover

We are committed to contributing to the candid, thorough and ongoing engagement with important issues that a free, democratic and virtuous society needs to address.

As Maryville College is situated near the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Symposium attendees may consider extending their stay to explore the beauty and culture of our mountain heritage. Additionally, autumn in Tennessee brings numerous festivals and heritage celebrations that may be enjoyed by visitors and residents alike.