Coordination and Planning


PAE-1: Sustainability Coordination
The Environment and Forestry Advisory Committee (EFAC) assures wide-ranging input and advises the President on conservation, landscaping, aesthetic and other environmental issues of interest to the Maryville College community.  In the broadest sense, EFAC is responsible for making recommendations about the achievement of a pleasant and stimulating academic and natural environment on campus.  EFAC is engaged in examining the environmental impact of College activities and future development of College property.  In it deliberations, EFAC works closely with diverse campus constituencies in gathering information and providing analyses of issues of environmental importance on the Maryville College campus.

2 Faculty members, a current student, an alumni member, a member of the security staff, a member of the Physical Plant, Director of Mountain Challenge, A staff member of Ruby Tuesday, Inc., a vice-president of the College, and the Dean of the College, ex-officio, member.

     More information about EFAC and sustainability planning.

PAE-3: Physical Campus Plan
The Maryville College Campus Master Plan (2003), in the Planning Guidelines section, has a page {8} entitled "Sustainable Design."  The page provides a list of 15 recommendations based upon the USGBC/LEED certification system at that time.  This page describes the results of the master plan document, a Board-approved campus improvement plan.

Download a copy of the plan.



Diversity & Affordability


PAE-6: Diversity and Equity Coordination
A brief description of the the Diversity Programming Coordinator at Maryville College position:
implements strategies of the Diversity Strategic Plan including making diversity more visible and improve campus climate.  This position also coordinates campus wide events to promote diversity including a regional diversity panel and series of workshops on diverse perspectives.  This position advises student members who belong to Black Student Association and Gay Straight Alliance and builds bridges between different campus constituents.

PAE-7: Measuring Campus Diversity Culture
The MC Campus Climate Survey was most recently completed in Spring 2011.  The online survey was designed to find out about campus diversity issues, including but not limited to gender, age, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. Survey results will be posted in early February, please check back.

Tier 2-1: Gender Neutral Housing
Maryville College has provided housing accommodation options for transgender/transitioning students.  Students are asked to work confidentially with the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Students to complete their housing needs.  All students are provided information during the admissions process on such options.

Tier 2-2 & Tier 2-3: Employee & Student Training Opportunities
The Summits on RESPECT at MC, affiliated with the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) facilitates discussion on fostering better cultural diversity communication among MC community members. Download a sample flyer for workshops held on campus.; To learn more about NCBI, please visit the highlight link. 

PAE-12: Employee Satisfaction Evaluation
Maryville College conducts a benefits satisfaction survey every other year.   Staff employees, during their annual review, are asked questions about job satisfaction from supervisors.  The Maryville College Staff Council gathers information from employees on job related issues and discussions concerns and suggests possible solutions with the MC President, Cabinet and the MC Board on maintaining high staff satisfaction issues. The MC Staff and Faculty Handbooks are available through the campus intranet (the MC Insider). Contact MC Director of Human Resources Ms. Keni Lanagan, or MC STARS administrator Professor Adrienne Schwarte for further information.