Complete the Final Significant Practical Experience (SPE) Survey

This final assessment of your SPE compares your initial goals with the realities of your professional experiences during your SPE. This requirement is an important bridge between the SPE phase of Maryville College Works and the senior-year reflective professional piece.

When is this requirement usually completed?

Depending on your SPE type, a survey will be sent to you by the Career Center or by the Director of Maryville College Works. The survey will be sent at the end of semester in which you complete your SPE. Successful completion of this survey results in a check mark.

Who approves this requirement?

The staff of the Career Center tracks this component through Handshake, where the electronic version of the survey itself is found. Your academic advisor will assign appropriate credit for the SPE.

Where can I get more information?

Students should make sure to touch base with their academic advisers in order to decide what kind of SPE is most appropriate. Check out our step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a SPE. The applications themselves are on Maryville College's Handshake page. Students may also contact the Director of Maryville College Works or the Career Center for more information. Faculty should consult the Maryville College Works: Faculty Information page on the Tartan.