Career Planning

"No one has ever built a career alone." - Lindsey Pollak, Getting from College to Career

A career plan can be a tricky thing. You may be thinking: “You want me to decide every step of my future?" If you have ever felt that pressure, then the Career Center and the Maryville College Works program can work through those tough questions with you. We want you to graduate with the tools to pursue a life that fulfills you whether you are passionate about service, money, education, name it.

All students should have a game plan. Here's how a plan can help.

The Career Development Plan will:

  • Provide you with the tools to explore your strengths, values and personality traits
  • Encourage you to dream big and set short-term and long-term goals
  • Create a list of potential sites to work, study, travel and/or intern
  • Develop effective communication skills with a contact or a recruiter
  • Learn from a first-hand industry expert by informational interviewing


What Can I Do?

1. Take Focus 2 and explore your skills, interests, value and personality*                           

2. Join a club or volunteer                                                                                                

 3. Attend Opportunities of a Lifetime Fair and Career and Internship Fair**                     

 4. Attend Study Abroad 101                                                                                            

5. Request a Mock Interview                                                                                           

6. Schedule an appointment with the Career Center**

* Requirement for Maryville College Works                                                                        **Register on MC Connect

1. Check-in with the Career Center                                                                                   

2. Complete the five-point career development plan*                                                     

3. Set-up informational interviews with alumni or industry contacts*                                   

4. Explore Study Abroad options, attend Study Abroad 101                                            

5. Update and tailor resume for desired industry or opportunity                                     

6. Print professional business cards with name, email and phone number for networking   

*Requirements for Maryville College Works                                                                         **Register on MC Connect

1. Take part in internship, study abroad, or research experience*                                    

2. Check-in with the Career Center and update your plan                                                

3. Grow your professional network on Linkedin, networking and career fairs                   

4. Schedule a mock interview**                                                                                      

5. Join a professional association                                                                                    

6. Consider graduate school and/or research fellowships                                                

*Requirements of Maryville College Works                                                                         **Register on MC Connect

1. Start job searching eight months prior to graduation                                                  

2. Schedule a professional mock interview with the Career Center*                                  

3. Tailor professional materials to industry, graduate school or fellowship*                        

4. Clean-up your digital footprint and updated Linkedin                                                 

5. Apply for graduate school, jobs or gap year programs*                                                  

6.  Touch base with professors regarding references and graduation plans                      

7. Attend Career and Internship Fair**

*Requirements for Maryville College Works                                                                          **Register on MC Connect