Internships & SPE


Significant Practical Experience (SPE) Instructions

 Prior to the start of Internship/SPE:

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss plans for your SPE
  2. Determine the type of your SPE (Internship, Study Abroad, Senior Study/Research, Performance/Portfolio, Service)
  3. Establish learning goals for the experience as it relates to your major
  4. Request an Experience in Handshake
  5. Upload Learning Agreement with on-site supervisor’s signature to the Career Center prior to starting the Internship/SPE in Handshake

During the Internship/SPE:

  1. Stay in communication with your MC faculty Internship/SPE supervisor throughout process. If applicable, complete any assignments and/or seek guidance where needed.

At the close of your Internship/SPE:

  1. Be aware that your internship on-site supervisor will complete a final evaluation survey (this will come to him/her via email from Handshake for completion)
  2. Complete final student evaluation survey about the experience (this will come to YOU via email from Handshake)
    • Report your total number of hours completed with the experience
    • Reflect on your experience and what you have learned
    • Add the experience on your resume


Frequently Asked Questionsclick or touch to open

Q: Can I do my Internship/SPE for both academic credit and Maryville College Works graduation requirement?

A: Yes, you need to submit an Internship/SPE proposal for Maryville College Works and enroll in internship credit course with your academic advisor.

Q: Can I do my Internship/SPE over the summer?

A: Yes, but you must enroll in a 0 credit internship with a fee of $200.

Q: Is my MC faculty Internship/SPE supervisor and my academic advisor the same person?

A: Not always. When you start the process you will meet with your academic advisor who should be your MC faculty supervisor for the experience. That may be your academic advisor OR a different faculty member, dependent upon who is best suited to advise you based on the type of experience.

Q: Where can I find a copy of the Learning Agreement for my on-site supervisor to sign?

A: Visit the Maryville College Career Center and receive a learning agreement.