SCOTS in Washington

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live and work in DC?

Apply for the Scots in Washington Program to:
• CONNECT-  MC in DC alumnae connect students to their field of interest.
• PRACTICE-Receive supplemental and practicable training as a MC juniors and seniors who are preparing to enter the workforce
• CREATE FOUNDATION-To build students’ confidence by creating a network of relationships and career contacts in DC-making for a smoother transition.

Maryville College Alumni graduate and pursue incredible careers locally and in major cities in the U.S. and abroad.

MC in DC,  has a strong core of members living and working in DC. With around 150 Maryville College alumni, alumni have expressed interest in furthering their connections to current students interested in working and/or living in the DC area.

Many MC in DC members had at least one solid contact before or after their move to DC that made for a smoother transition from Maryville.

Program Details

Scots in Washington students will participate in a half-day workshop that puts students’ Career Center curriculum into practice with MC in DC alumna. This will be held on MC campus, with MC in DC mentors participating via remote audio/video. 

The Career Center will present integrative sessions in professionalism and networking. After each session presented by Career Center staff, DC mentors will build on the content by using DC-specific examples, including scenarios they have personally experienced and learned from.

 Additionally, the DC mentors will present briefly on:

Life in DC

Examples of DC alumnae in the students’ field of study

Meet MC in DC members through a networking mixer on Friday, October 20 at 5:30pm. There, students will be matched with a DC mentor for personalized professional assistance.

Scots in Washington will travel to DC for their Spring Break weekend. The trip will serve a multitude of purposes:

Enhance first-hand knowledge of the city, including housing, transportation, culture, amenities, etc.

Allow for participants to meet in-person with their mentors for one-on-one sessions about their field of interest in DC. They would have already corresponded via email, skype, and phone leading up to this.

Participate in informational interviews with experts in their field of interest.

Participate in formal interviews with potential employers.

In addition to previously planned interviews and group activities, MC in DC will host an event for the Scots in Washington, tailored to the students’ interests, and with the purpose of introducing a broader network of MC in DC members to the students. This could be a dinner, a Smithsonian tour, or an appropriate event.