Significant Practical Experiences (SPE)

During their time at Maryville College, students are encouraged to seek out a variety of practical experiences to build their resumes and explore various aspects of their desired Career Path. The Maryville College Works program requires students to complete at least one(1) Significant Practical Experience between their Sophomore and Senior year that directly relates to their major and career goals. A valuable practical experience can come in many different forms. Below are some of the most common ways that students gain professional or practical experience to include in the resume, CV, and/or complete the Maryville College Works requirement. 

**Students will be able to submit their Experiences on Handshake for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 Terms starting on April 6.

How to apply for an SPE:click or touch to open

 Before you begin the experience:

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss plans for your SPE and ensure they approve your SPE as it aligns with your career plans and major curriculum.
  2. Establish THREE learning goals for the experience as it relates to your major. Connect your experience to three specific career goals which you will articulate in your request for an experience in Handshake. These goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely (SMART).
  3. Determine the experience category it falls under. 

 Is your experience an:

International Experience

Study or internship abroad managed by the Maryville College Center for International Education

Student Teaching


Senior Study

Managed by your Academic Advisor or another Maryville College Faculty Member 


A unique practical experience approved by your academic advisor


Provided by an on-campus supervisor who is not your academic advisor or an external organization


Provided by an external organization

Service Opportunity

Provided by the Maryville College Center for Community Engagement or an external nonprofit organization

Research Experience

Provided by an external organization and is not a Senior Study
To learn more about the Significant Practical Experience requirement, visit the Maryville College Works page at


"Tell Your Story: SPE Edition"

Find out how other students gained knowledge about their field through transformative experiences, received academic credit for their work, and completed their Maryville College Works SPE requirement!