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Career Center Walk-in Hours

Monday-Friday, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
NEW! Extended Hours
Sundays in Thaw Hall, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.



During Spring and Fall Walk-In Hours, you can come to the Career Center and receive support from your peer Career Coaches. Peer Career Coaches are upperclassmen who have received specialized training from Career Center staff in order to assist you with Handshake, Maryville College Works requirements, the part-time job, and internship search process, as well as provide a second set of eyes for your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile or professional portfolio!


Appointment Services

At the Career Center, our staff offers several types of individualized appointments to provide career coaching and professional development and support for students. Appointments are 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the information covered. Want to connect with Career Center staff? Schedule an appointment in Handshake. Use the appointment categories and types on this page to help select the appropriate appointment to best meet your needs! Remember, our services remain available to graduates throughout their career! If you're an alumnus, sign up for your free account on Handshake and make an appointment today!    Schedule an Appointment in Handshake

Personal Development

Identify strengths and explore majors and career options through self-reflection and assessment. 

  •  Major Exploration: 

    Explore and compare majors, discuss potential career paths and create a framework to make informed decisions.

  • Career Planning:

    Create the next steps and goals based on your interests and strengths. This will be the plan to help to determine your SPE and plan for life after college.

Maryville College Works

Discuss your Maryville College Works status and get assistance with the completion of career development graduation requirements. 

  • Maryville College Works:

    Gain assistance and clarification regarding Maryville College Works requirements and you progress on completion.

  • Resume Writing:

    Answer questions you may have about resume feedback or the foundational resume assignment for Maryville College Works. Resumes must be approved to receive Maryville College Works credit, please select this appointment if you need assistance completing the requirement.

  • Career Event Preparation:

    Gain insight into appropriate attire for the type of event you are attending. Get assistance with professional communication and networking skills. 

  •  Career Development Plan:

    Create the next steps and goals based on your interests and strengths. This will be the plan to help to determine your SPE and plan for life after college.

  •  Internship for SPE Search: 

    Develop strategies and find resources to secure a meaningful internship.

  • Senior Check-In:

    Discuss post-graduation plans and get assistance with job search, application materials, and graduate school information. The appointment will result in a plan for the professional piece Maryville College Works requirement.

Professional Development

Acquire assistance with interviewing, resume and cover letter writing, networking, social media presence, and job & internship search strategies.

  • Work Study Job Search:

    Find and apply for on-campus jobs and work-study positions.

  • Part-Time Job Search:

    Gain strategies and find resources for part-time employment.

  • Internship Search: 

    Develop strategies and find resources to secure a meaningful internship.

  • Internship/Part-Time Experience Application Materials:

    Access assistance with resume, cover letter and/or references for an internship, part-time, or work-study application.

  • Interviewing Practice:

    Practice interviewing in a one-on-one, simulated setting to hone interview skills-also used for online mock interview assistance.

  • Cover Letter Writing

    Create, edit, and research appropriately to write an exemplary cover letter that draws the attention of a potential employer!

  • Full-Time Job Search & Application Materials:

    Gain assistance with job search strategies and resume, cover letter, and references for a full-time job search.

  • Salary Negotiation:

    Develop a successful approach and strategy for the salary negotiation conversation and process.

  • Fellowship Search & Application Materials:

    Create strategies and utilize resources for a fellowship search and/or get assistance with your CV/resume, essays for application, letters of recommendation and references.

  • Graduate School Search & Application Materials:

    Get assistance with graduate program evaluation and assistance with CV or resume, statement of purpose essay, letters of recommendation, and/or online application for graduate school programs.