Maryville College maintains institutional records relating to each student. Information contained in these records can be made available to authorized persons or institutions in accordance with the following policies.



The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires that personally identifiable information other than “directory information” be released only with the written permission of the student or (if the student is classified a dependent by the IRS) his/her parents. Records of students classified as dependents of their parents by the IRS code can be revealed to parents of such dependents at the discretion of the College. The College is required by law to release student information if requested by judicial order or lawfully issued subpoena. If such action becomes necessary, both student and parents will be notified.



The “directory information” listed below is customarily made available to students, their families and the general public without the consent of the student. Students may have all or part of this information withheld by making a written request to the Registrar during the first 12 days of each fall or spring semester or the first four class days of a summer term. Call 865.981.8212 for more information.

• Name
• Date and place of birth
• Current and permanent addresses and telephone numbers
• Major and minor field of study
• Hours currently enrolled
• Classification
• Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
• Dates of attendance
• Degrees and awards received
• Previous educational institutions attended
• Weight and height (for student athletes)



Academic records are maintained by the Registrar. They constitute the student’s permanent record, contain only information relevant to academic performance and are available only to persons authorized by the Registrar.



Disciplinary records are maintained by the College designated Student Conduct Officer. They contain information relating to student violations of College policy, are kept separate from academic records and are available only to authorized persons. Disciplinary records are not permanent and are purged five (5) years after termination of enrollment.



Students are free to examine copies of their own records by making a written request to the College custodian of the record. If requested, the custodian may provide a copy of the record to the student within 45 days. A minimum charge of $.10 per page will be made for copies of records. The academic transcript is the only record maintained permanently. All other files are purged periodically, usually within five (5) years of separation from the College. Questions about policies governing specific records should be directed to the custodian responsible for those records.

Location of Student Records
The offices, in which student records are maintained, along with the College custodian in charge of the records, are listed below:

Academic Records Registrar Fayerweather Hall
Admission Files VP Admissions Fayerweather Hall
Assessment/ Placement Files Dir. Of Calling & Career Bartlett Hall
Counseling Files Dir. of Counseling Bartlett Hall
Disability Documentation Dir. of Academic Support Center Learning Center
Disciplinary Files Student Conduct Officer Bartlett Hall
Financial Aid Records Dir. of Financial Aid Fayerweather Hall
Housing Records Dir. of Campus Life Bartlett Hall
Medical Records Dir. Of Health Services Fayerweather Hall
Patron Records Library Library, Thaw Hall
Student Accounts Dir. of Accounting Fayerweather Hall



The following procedure may not be employed to challenge the validity of a grade or any other decision given by a College professor or administrator. Appeals of grades must be made in accordance with the Grade Disagreement Procedure (see Academic Matters, “Grade Disagreements” in chapter VIII of this handbook). Appeals of disciplinary decisions must be made in accordance with the disciplinary appeals process (see Community Standards, “Campus Appeals Board” in chapter X of this handbook). Students may challenge formal correspondence, judicial hearing transcripts, or other official institutional documents within the academic semester during which such documents are entered into the record. Any student who desires to challenge the accuracy or completeness of a written College record must follow these procedures:

1. The student should submit to the custodian of the record a written statement specifying the inaccuracy or incompleteness of the record. This statement will be filed as part of the record.
2. If further action is desired, the student may confer with the custodian of the record and attempt to resolve the matter satisfactorily. Any settlement agreed upon must be put in writing, signed by the student and custodian, and added to the student record.
3. If the challenge is not settled by the student and custodian, the student or custodian may appeal to the Campus Appeals Board submitting a copy of the challenge and record to the Board. The Board must consult both the student and the custodian of the record in any such appeal. The Board will determine the validity of the challenge and make it a part of the student record.