Maryville College is an academic community committed to respect for all persons and to diversity of thought and freedom of expression. The College affirms the value of an open-ended search for goodness, truth, and beauty that calls each person to work, to service, and to personal and professional growth. While some of the educational goals articulated below can be achieved during the college years, the total Maryville College experience is grounded in a curriculum that is a major step in a life-long journey. The student is guided in the exploration of paths to inquiry, skill development, personal growth, intercultural understanding, and values.


The creative and critical exercise of the scientific, artistic, and humanistic modes of inquiry, and their integration


  • Communication, computing, quantitative, and second language skills that enable effective comprehension, analysis, and expression
  • Critical thinking that enhances inquiry and decision-making
  • An ability to retrieve and synthesize information and to complete independent research
  • Interpersonal skills that foster cooperative work, mentoring, and leadership


  • Enhancement and integration of all dimensions of personal well-being
  • Self-confidence, poise, courage, and creativity in the face of complexity, change, ambiguity, and adversity
  • A sense of wonder, curiosity, and a willingness to explore


  • Sensitivity and responsiveness to the individuality and needs of persons of other cultures as well as one’s own
  • Appreciation for the breadth, diversity, and richness of human experience in its various social and cultural dimensions
  • Global perspective that draws on an understanding of Western and other cultures including cultures very different from one’s own
  • An understanding of, and appreciation for, intercultural relationships both within and across societies


  • Spiritual growth reflected in a commitment to lifelong examination of one’s beliefs and to living out those beliefs in all of life’s dimensions
  • Informed ethical judgment which guides one to make choices leading to a responsible life
  • A sense of vocation which reflects stewardship of resources, time, and talents
  • Service, global citizenship, and a sense of responsibility for the common good
  • Care and respect for the environment which acknowledges interdependence and reflects a commitment to present and future generations