2017- 2018 Costs

Intensive English Academic Costs

 5 Week Term15 Week Term (1 semester)6 Week Summer 3 Week
Travel Study (January Only)
Tuition Fees
(small classes, personalized attention)
$1575 $4725 $1785 $1270
Textbooks $140* $420* $140* $46
Activity/Service Fee (required of all students) $50 $150 $300 $570
Total Academic Expenses $1765 $5295 $2225 $1886
+ $50 Application Fee
* Textbook costs vary by level, and these are the maximum possible cost per session. 
Estimated Living Expenses
 5 Week Term15 Week Term (1 semester6 Week Summer 3 Week Travel Study (January Only)
On-Campus Housing (residence hall, shared room) $800 $2400 $850 $500
On-Campus Meal Plan $900 $2700 not included. Estimated $700** $565

Health Insurance*

$145 $464 $174 $87
Personal Expenses $250 $800 $300 $150
Total Estimated Living Expenses $2095 $6,364 $2024 $1302
+ $50 Application Fee
*Insurance costs $29/week.  Sessions with a break (spring break, Thanksgiving) have an additional week of insurance)
**summer program does not have a meal plan, but cafeteria is open and meals are available for purchase. In addition, summer housing gives students access to a kitchen.
For Visa Purposes:
  • Students should have at least US$3,860 for academic and living expenses for one 5-week term.
  • Students should have at least US$11,659 for academic and living expenses for one 15-week (one semester) term.
  • Students should have at least US$4,249 for academic and living expenses for one summer 6-week term (all activities included).
  • Students should have at least US$3,188 for academic and living expenses for one three-week travel study term  (all activities included).
Because tuition must be paid on the first day of  class, every student should have the necessary funds available in US dollars. Our recommendation is for students to consult their local bank about a safe way to transfer funds so that money is available when they arrive in Maryville. Students should not carry large sums of cash.
  • Airport pickup is FREE if you arrive during the designated dates/times. However, there will be a $100 NON-refundable late fee for those arriving after 9 p.m. on the designated arrival date.

  • Please note that the activity fee covers transportation; students are responsible for any extra event-related costs, like tickets, food, etc.

All fees are subject to change without prior notice and are typically readjusted every August. Refunds are made in emergency cases only when students must leave the program early. Refunds are calculated on a weekly basis. Any payments made for multiple sessions are fully refundable if a student withdraws earlier than originally expected because of documented emergencies. Application fees and health insurance payments cannot be refunded.