Depending on which program you select, there will be a different application form to fill out.  Use the information here as a guide to which form to use.


Semester/Academic Year Applications

ISEPISEP Programs:
1. Fill out the ISEP Application *(semester, year & summer) AND

2. Maryville College ISEP Supplement Form

3. Register for OVS 203 the semester prior to your experience abroad.

*ISEP has a $100 application fee & a $375 deposit once confirmed.

CIE    Bilateral Exchange Programs:  
Maryville College Bilateral Exchange Application  (supplementary forms - language proficiency, etc here.  No application fee.  May have a housing deposit)

Travel Study Applications (May-term/Spring-break)


Summer Study Abroad


Step 1: Fill out the Maryville College Summer Education Abroad Application

Step 2: Complete the Provider application form (one of the below - each provider has a separate application fee)

ISEPISEP Programs: Fill out the ISEP Application (summer)

CEA CEA Study Abroad Programs: Application Form  (summer/intern only)

CIS CISAbroad: Application Form  (summer/intern only) 

ISA   ISA:  (study, intern, or service-learning): Application Form (summer/intern only/service-learning only)

  • Study: Use the general application (ISA)
  • Intern: Use the internship application (ISA)
  • Service-Learning: Use the service-learning application (ISA)

3. Register for OVS 203 the semester prior to your experience abroad.

*Note: for our Summer in London (Roehampton Program - only complete the MC Application form)

Summer Internship Applications

mc scots in barcelona or prague
ARE YOU READY?  Use this document to see how CEA determines this!
cea internship or study/internship Programs
Step 2: Complete the CEA Application Form  (summer/intern only) 

ARE YOU READY?  Use this document to see how CEA determines this!
cis abroad internship programs
  • Transcript
  • Resume
  • Personal Statement
Step 2:

CIS Abroad Application Form  

isa internship/service learning programs
  • Transcript
  • Resume
  • Personal Statement
Step 2:

ISA Application Form


Volunteer (Service) Abroad Program Applications (Bonner)


Study Abroad Application

  • October 1:  May-Term Travel Study Program Applications  (apply in the fall for May travel) 
  • November 15: Fall semester application (apply 1 year in advance) 
  • January 31: Harlaxton Travel Study Application
  • February 15: Summer Education Abroad Programs (study/intern/service-learning)
  • April 15: Spring study abroad programs (apply 1 year in advance)

Scholarship Application

  • October 1: Spring & Travel Study study abroad programs (Ragsdale/Tuck)
  • March 1: Fall, Summer, or Academic Year programs (Ragsdale/Tuck)

Application Process:

It takes some planning to study abroad.  Students generally apply a year in advance for MC study abroad programs, so start thinking about your goals for going abroad and where you want to go early.  Here is the process you should follow:

  1. Explore your options on this site.
  2. Visit the Center for International Education (CIE). Fill out this inquiry form.
  3. Talk to your Academic Advisor about your desire to study abroad and any academic requirements you should be looking to complete.
  4. Apply for the Program. The CIE can help you with the application.  (generally from 6 months [summer] to 1 year in advance)
  5. Study Abroad interview with the International Programming Committee.
  6. Take OVS 203 the semester before you study abroad (semester/summer programs) - This is a pre-req for study abroad.  Travel Study Programs have their own pre-departure program unique to each destination.
  7. EDUCATION ABROAD: Study. Intern. Service. An Experience of a Lifetime!