Study Abroad Opportunities

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Semester/Year-Long Opportunities

You may choose to study abroad in English or in the native language of your host countries.  Semester or year-long programs are opportunities to be fully immersed in a university in another country.

Are you eligible?  Programs generally require a GPA of 2.75. (some higher)

 Are you on a budget?? - semester exchanges are often your best deal!

Travel Study Programs  (Faculty-Led Programs in May)

These three-week programs are led by Maryville College faculty and fulfill many Maryville College requirements. Programs are offered in different countries each year.  No GPA requirement.

Past Programs:

Spring Break (Embedded) Travel Study Programs

Past Programs:

Summer Programs

  • Study Abroad: Learn a language. Study a specific topic. Summer programs are designed to give you four to eight weeks in another country.
    • ISEP Summer Programs
    • CEA Study Abroad Summer Programs
    • ISA Summer Programs
    • CISAbroad Summer Programs
  • Intern Abroad:  Opportunities for EVERY major!  Click on the Summer Programs link!

  On a budget, but want an internship abroad? - look at ISA's Service Learning Programs.

Are you eligible?  GPA requirements vary by program.  Average minimum is 2.5.

Volunteering Abroad

  • Summer (May) 2017: Dominican Republic Summer Program (with Bonner Scholars)
  • Summer 2015:  Two weeks in Costa Rica with Bonner Scholars

Mountain Challenge Road Trips

These programs are sometimes international and sometimes US-based.
Info on 2017-2018 TBA.


Athletics Abroad

Maryville College Athletics works hard to develop programs abroad for athletes to travel as part of their NCAA athletic program.  Current plans in development include:

  • Spring Break 2017: Maryville College Soccer  - Western Europe
  • Winter 2017: Maryville College Cross Country - Costa Rica
  • Winter 2017: Maryville College Baseball - TBD

Student Profile:

Bonjour! My name is Albrianna Jenkins, and I recently got back from my semester abroad in France! Last spring, I had the opportunity to take part in the Languages and Cultures Program in Caen, France, and it was a TRANSFORMATIONAL experience!

Before my semester abroad, I’d never lived outside of Tennessee and had never traveled  outside of the United States. Within those five months of living   abroad, I gained personal insight into the French culture, I developed independence while improving my ability to adapt (and speak French), and I formed meaningful and long-lasting relationships with my classmates, locals, and other travelers.

I had a desire to develop a larger perspective of the world to truly carry out Maryville College’s mission statement on a global scale to “search for truth, grow in wisdom, and work for justice and dedicate a life of creativity and service to the peoples of the WORLD.” My time abroad allowed me to develop a sense of purpose, a passion for understanding, and a personal growth.

My experience propels me to advocate the importance of an international perspective, and after graduation, I hope to continue growing and developing by traveling and transforming even more.

Read more about Albrianna's experiences on our BLOG