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Every student at Maryville College completes a year-long research project called the Senior Study, whether the student’s major is Design, Management, Psychology, Biology, Criminal Justice or any of the other 40 major fields of study. These studies vary from laboratory experiments to forms of creative expression, and all Senior Study projects include a student and faculty mentor working together in discipline-specific scholarship. Use the drop-down menu to view examples of Senior Studies chosen by faculty as exemplary.

Student Name Major Title Supervisor
Wil Manuel '19 Management


Dr. A. Reeves Johnson
Katelyn Moats '19 Biochemistry

The HDAC6 Dependent Mechanism Underlying the Synergy between Experimental Drug E64FC26 and HDAC Inhibitors

Dr. Nathan Duncan
Lenny Lively '19 Religion
Theatre Studies

Sturdy as a Rock: Our Bicentennial Story

Dr. Heather McMahon
Nathaniel Kiernan '19 Design
Writing Communication

Communism, Paternal Ideals, and Computer Design in Late-20th Century Science Fiction Films


Ms. Adrienne Schwarte
Kelsie Hibben '19 Biochemistry

Utilization of HPLC to Evaluate the Quality of Acetaminophen Tablets from Low and Middle Income Countries

Dr. Mary Turner
Grace Gass '19 Criminal Justice

Mountain high: Opioid crisis in Appalachia

Dr. Regina Benedict
Evan Gambill '19 Design

Heal, Enhance, Expand

Mr. Morgan Manning
Adam Diggs '19 Finance / Accounting

Financial and Social Consequences of a Homeless Shelter in Blount Co.

Dr. Sarah Clinton
Manal Abbas '19 Biochemistry

Developing an efficient fret method to analyze molecular interactions of protein tlt-1

Dr. Angela Gibson
Savannah Bain '19 Design

The Exclusion of Color Blindness in Society

Ms. Adrienne Schwarte