Maryville College Works integrates career preparation for today’s job market with a time-tested, small-college liberal arts education. Career readiness these days means learning how to market yourself, becoming a pro with new job-search and career-development technologies, and knowing how to sniff out quality opportunities. Liberal arts students ask open-ended questions, and have broad knowledge that prepares them to be free-thinking participants in a complex world. Maryville College Works is a step-by-step, developmental curriculum that channels the agility of liberal arts thinking towards specific career goals in order to maximize our graduates’ abilities to find a fulfilling vocations. To achieve these objectives, Maryville College Works students learn how to complete a career development and implementation plan; they plan and participate in a Significant Practical Experience (SPE); and they produce a real-world professional piece that articulates how their education and SPE apply to their professional opportunities.


Components of Maryville College Works