Take the Focus2 Assessment

Focus2 is an online tool designed to help you make decisions about your major and explore career options. It can assist you in researching careers that best fit your personality, values, interests, and lifestyle. Successful completion of this assessment can point you in the right direction when deciding on a major, and can give you a head start in discovering occupations to explore for your Significant Practical Experience (SPE), a junior-year requirement within Maryville College Works.

When is this requirement usually completed?

For Maryville College Works, the Focus2 assessment is part of the First Year Seminar (FYS 110) curriculum. Transfer and nontraditional students can schedule an appointment with the Career Center to complete this requirement.

Who approves this component?

The Career Center tracks and assists with successful completion of Focus2. Career Center staff will check this requirement once you have completed all portions of the assignment.

Where can I get more information?

Head over to the college's Handshake site for more information about Focus 2. Your FYS class will also include instructions on how to complete this self-assessment. Please make an appointment with your FYS instructor or the Career Center to further explore your Focus 2 results. Faculty should consult the Maryville College Works: Faculty Information page on the Tartan.