Create a Final Professional Piece

Demonstrating that you can put what you have learned in college to practical use is what Maryville College Works is all about. Your task in this final reflective piece is to articulate how your liberal arts education, your career reflections, and your SPE apply to professional opportunities in a target career. This piece may take different forms; for example, a combination cover letter and resume for a job application, a promotional piece for a performance-oriented artist, an essay portion for a graduate school application, or other materials that meet the required reflection requirement. This reflection is not just a theoretical exercise; it should be useful to your professional plans following graduation. To qualify, this piece must articulate how your educational experience and your significant, practical vocational experience apply to your professional opportunities.

This flowchart helps you determine who you should contact in order to get your professional piece approved.

When is this requirement usually completed?

This piece is due in your senior year and requires final approval, meaning that you need to prepare this piece as early as possible during your senior year. If you believe you need to complete this component before your senior year or if there are other extenuating circumstances, please contact Doug Sofer, Director of Maryville College Works.

Who approves this requirement?

Depending on this piece’s relevance to your adviser’s field(s) of expertise, you will either submit it to your adviser or to Career Center staff. Guidelines are available to determine which is most appropriate.

Where can I get more information?

A universal rubric is available as part of the submission guidelines to assure that this piece meets all of the reflective criteria of this assignment. Faculty should consult the Maryville College Works: Faculty Information page on the Tartan.