Career Development Plan

This plan is the culmination of the exploration and planning stages of Maryville College Works. It helps you focus your professional plans towards the next requirement of Maryville College Works, the Significant Practical Experience (SPE). You should bring your career development plan summary (described below) with you when you meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss your SPE plans.

The Career Development Plan consists of multiple components, including:

  • A self-reflection in which you briefly articulate your values, work style, strengths, and leisure interests
  • Goal setting where you identify specific career goals that you can measure after your significant practical experience (SPE) in the Junior year.
  • “The List”: Create a record of specific institutions, organizations, companies, fellowships and graduate programs to which you would like to apply in the future.

When is this requirement usually completed?

This plan is covered and tailored to programs of study in professional development classes—usually 299 or 399 courses. Students in majors without these courses should work with their academic advisers in order to start work on this component. It should be completed by the end of the sophomore year.

Who approves this requirement?

Career Center staff will offer guidelines to follow in order to be checked for having completed this requirement. Your 299/399 instructor or adviser may also check this component.

Where can I get more information?

The Career Center's guide to the Career Development Plan may be found on the college's Handshake page. Your 299/399 instructor or academic adviser may also have additional, discipline-specific assignments and content. Faculty should consult the Maryville College Works: Faculty Information page on the Tartan.