EDU402 Course Information

Title:Professional Seminar on Teaching

This course is offered in conjunction with Student Teaching. It is designed to provide new members of the profession with a sense of identity as teachers, and with the knowledge and skills necessary to encourage their continued professional growth. Emphasis is on self-reflection on practice, the exploration of the multiple contexts of teaching, the analysis of the classroom and school as workplaces, and peer problem-solving. When Senior Study 352 is integrated into the seminar, individual field-based or “action” research is completed during the semester under the guidance of faculty supervisors and the student’s cooperating teacher. The resulting project will demonstrate the command of the forms and usage of the formal paper.

Prerequisites: Acceptance into Level II of Teacher Education, permission of the Director of Teacher Education when Senior Study 352 is integrated into the seminar
Corequisites: n/a
Notes: n/a