EXP200-06 Course Information

Title:Appalachian Music

J-Term 2017: Presented by a professional Appalachian musician, students will experience the cultural richness of the musical traditions of the Southern Appalachian region. Students will learn about the history and traditions that influence American music and culture and become knowledgeable about the various styles, rhythms, instruments and sounds associated with the music from Southern Appalachia. Content will be presented via lectures, demonstrations, and life performances from professional artists. Class hours will vary to enable participation in some afternoon and evening events (e.g., live performances in the Knoxville area). Fee: $50 due at January Term Registration. Students will need additional pocket money for any tickets and travel that may be included.

Notes: Admission by application only. Contact Dr. Mardi Craig at mardi.craig@maryvillecollege.edu for application materials.