PSY200 Course Information

Title:Experiential Course in Psychology

J-Term 2012: SECTION 1: Career Development & Life Planning How do people express who they are through the work that they do? This course addresses basic questions about the meaning of work and seeks to enhance student's personal vocational discernment and career development. Students will explore individual career options and develop further clarification of personal career goals and aspirations through analysis, reflection and intentional development of skills related to resume development, interviewing, networking, the job search/internship search (strategies), and job research.

SECTION 2: Hoof to Heart Winston Churchill once remarked that, "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a person." Nowhere is this more evident than with equine assisted therapy modalities. As highly sensitive social animals who possess a profound awareness of nonverbal communication, horses mirror human thoughts and feelings and provide immediate feedback to people who interact or attempt to interact with them. This dynamic creates a rich opportunity to use the horses' sensitivity as an avenue toward emotional growth and development for children and adults. This course introduces participants to the healing power of the horse in grief counseling and will provide hands on experiences for personal skill discovery, effective evaluation techniques and activity ideas associated with the value and benefits of equine assisted grief counseling. The class will meet both on campus as well as the Mane Support facility located within minutes of the College.

Prerequisites: N/A
Corequisites: N/A
Notes: May not be used toward courses required in the Psychology major.