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The Program for Nonprofit Leadership is a partnership between Maryville College and Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is a national organization that provides certification in the management of nonprofit organizations to those students who complete a set of certificate requirements in addition to the requirements for their chosen major. Typically, all requirements for the major as well as for the certificate can be accomplished as part of the student’s overall course of study. Participation in the program and pursuit of the certificate should not normally add to the time required to graduate.

The certificate is widely recognized and accepted by nonprofit organizations around the world, and it is a valuable credential for students interested in working in the nonprofit sector. The certificate is recognized as evidence of outstanding preparation for entry-level professional positions by a number of nonprofit organizations, including Catholic Charities, Fair Trade Campaigns, League of Women Voters, Make-A-Wish, Volunteers for America, and more. Growth in the demand for professional management and leadership by nonprofit organizations is expected to continue.

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The Program is managed by an Executive Director, and governed by an Advisory Board that includes faculty of the College, as well as representatives from area nonprofit organizations. All Program elements are part of the academic program of the College.

Students work with the Director of the Program for Nonprofit Leadership and their academic advisors to establish individualized curricular and co-curricular programs that fulfill the requirements of the certificate.  Students will also participate in a student association related to the program.

The Director of the Program provides assistance and guidance to the student association, coordinates internships, and assists students in finding post-graduate employment.  Placement assistance is also available through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

The Certificate in Nonprofit Management is awarded by Maryville College in partnership with the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, a national alliance of colleges, universities and nonprofit organizations. The Certificate may be pursued by students in any major and is designed to prepare students to become skilled professionals and leaders in nonprofit organizations. 

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Maryville College is a member of the Alliance for Better Nonprofits (ABN), a training, consulting and resource center for the nonprofits of East Tennessee. ABN provides opportunities for members to learn, grow and engage in a powerful way. ABN connects members to nonprofit peers, leaders and experts, as well as to the foundations, philanthropists, businesses and university partners committed to making our community stronger through better nonprofits.

Maryville College Works is a comprehensive career preparation program that is integrated into the College’s four-year liberal arts curriculum. Key components include assessment, advising, networking and professional experiences.

Meet a Graduate

Photo of Ariel KaylorAriel Kaylor ’19
Currently: Calling & Career Ministry Coordinator at Emerald Youth Foundation

Maryville College played an integral part in Ariel’s post-baccalaureate success. She was hired full-time at Emerald Youth Foundation before graduating, and nine months later, she was hired as a part-time student services remote intern at the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.
“At Emerald, I work on our Calling & Career ministry team, where our primary goal is to walk with high school students through graduation and any post-secondary education path they choose,” she said. “My role at NLA has changed tremendously over the last few years. Maryville introduced me to NLA during my sophomore year, and I have been involved ever since. As a junior, I attended NLA’s national conference (Alliance Management Institute), joined the staff as an Alliance Ambassador during my senior year, and now I work with the organization part-time. My primary calling in life is to serve and love others – and Maryville College helped me cultivate that into a career."

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The Certificate is awarded to students who fulfill a prescribed set of competencies developed by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. 

  • Coursework:
    SLS 203: Introduction to Nonprofit Management. Must have passing score on final exam. (3 hrs.)
    BUS 201: Principles of Management (3 hrs.)

  • Internship:
    An internship of 300 clock hours must be completed at a nonprofit organization. The Program Director, in consultation with academic departments and the Center for Calling and Career, will arrange and approve internships. Certification requirements may be satisfied by internships with or without academic credit. Internships pursued for credit must follow all procedures and meet all requirements of academic departments.

  • Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Institute:
    A national leadership institute is sponsored every January by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. It is attended by students from nearly 100 colleges and universities. To receive the Certificate, a student must attend the Institute once during the college career. As an exercise in developing fund raising skills, students are required to raise their own travel funds. Students will attend the Institute and return to campus to complete the SLS 203 January Term course.

  • Fulfillment of Competencies:
    All competencies must be fulfilled. Many are fulfilled by completion of the requirements listed above. Some are automatically fulfilled by completion of the Maryville College general education curriculum. Others may be fulfilled by major courses or electives. Many other competencies must be fulfilled by workshops and seminars offered by Maryville College and by other approved organizations. To be counted in fulfillment of competencies, workshops or seminars must be approved by the Program Director.

  • Completion of Coursework Contact Hours:
    180 contact hours must be completed addressing American Humanics competencies:. Most of these hours are covered by work in the two required courses, or sections of courses, in general education. The remaining contact hours will occur in workshops and seminars. Contact hours are tracked on the student’s Humanics transcript.

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