Students who wish to change the gender designation in their official academic record must request in writing and submit with a copy of an acceptable legal document reflecting the new gender together to the Office of the Registrar.

Acceptable legal documents are a valid driver’s license, court order, valid passport, or birth certificate.  Documents that are not considered acceptable legal documents include documents from a medical or mental health professional, a social security card, or a notarized statement.

Upon receipt of the supporting documentation, the Office of the Registrar will update the student’s record in the student information system to reflect the new gender.  Gender or change of gender will not appear on official Maryville College documents, including the transcript.

Some Maryville College students use gender identities that are different from their legal gender of birth to identify themselves.  As long as the use of this gender identity is not for the purpose of misrepresentation, Maryville College acknowledges that a gender identity may be used whenever possible.

A student is free to submit a gender identity preference by updating the student profile on Self Service, but it must only be done during the time before or between semesters.  Upon submission of gender identity, the choice will be reviewed by the Office of the Registrar.  Once approved, it will appear in the student Gender Identity section of Power Campus and in the Self-Service student profile, which is only viewable by the student.  The College reserves the right to remove a gender identity if it is used inappropriately.

Other Considerations

A student’s gender and gender identity will only be reflected in the College’s official records, but will be visible in the student Self-Service profile, which is accessible only by the student.  Transcripts and diplomas do not indicate the student’s gender or gender identity.