Admissions Counselor


I was born and raised in Lebanon, TN, where I graduated from Wilson Central High School in 2014. I was raised on a family farm and spent my time in school participating in choir, musical theater, and football. When I arrived at Maryville College in the fall of 2014, I continued to compete in football while participating in choral and solo music. But through my time at MC, I developed a deeper understanding of the college experience and how it affected diverse peoples through my intentional experiences in admissions and student affairs. I fell in love with higher education and immediately devoted my time at MC to better understand such an experience. And on the side, I majored in History and completed a senior study on the 1st U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery Unit. I will always carry my love of culture, people, and the interconnectedness of existence in all that I do.

* Favorite TV Shows – New Girl, The Office, and Father Brown
* Favorite Sports – Football and Basketball
* Favorite Hobbies – Backpacking, Singing, and E Sports
* Favorite Things – My Fiancé, Coffee, and The Mountains
* Fun Fact – I can quote the movie “Tombstone” at will. 

Why I love MC

 Maryville College stood out to me, not because of the inherent beauty of campus or the accolades it has been awarded, but because of the wonderfully kind and caring people that choose to align with the institution. Since the first time I stepped foot on campus as an unsure freshman, I have felt cared for and supported. Even now as a staff member, I feel the same support and care aimed at my professional development that I did as a student trying to find my way.

Like most freshmen, I was an incomplete mix of anxiousness and excitement to arrive on campus, but it was the people I came into contact with that calmed my nerves and allowed me to forget my fears. It was the young men that shared 4th Floor Mountain Side with me in Gamble Hall that gave me a home. It was the weekly meetings I had with History faculty that gave me confidence in my studies. Then it was the mentors I found in voice lessons, gospel choir worships, and afternoon coffee that helped direct my purpose. I wasn’t just challenged in the classroom or on the stage, but I was lead to challenge my perception on life and how I lived my own. I was able to become a cultivated version of myself.

I love Maryville College because it allowed me to understand how academia, athletics, and extracurricular, when bound together properly, can work together and bring about real change in a person’s life. Influenced by wonderful people backing a wonderful college, I am a better person for having been affiliated with Maryville College, and I am pleased to spend every day sharing my institution the way it has been shared with me!