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Summer HOPE Scholarship Information...

Receiving the HOPE Scholarship for Summer

You can receive a full HOPE scholarship (or a prorated award for part-time enrollment) in the summer as long as you meet eligibility requirements, even if you already received a full-time award in the fall and spring.

You must be enrolled in at least six (6) Summer credit hours to receive a summer HOPE scholarship. Your award amount will be based on your enrollment status. Please refer to our HOPE award amounts chart to determine how much you can receive.

**IMPORTANT** We recommend that you carefully consider your current HOPE status, before enrolling for any summer courses, to determine what your status may be after taking those classes! Please direct any questions to Maryville College's Financial Aid Office.

When can I expect to see the award applied to my account?

If you submit a summer aid application and list that you are interested in receiving HOPE for the summer you will automatically be offered the award if you received the award during the Spring semester; however, it will not be able to be guaranteed until Spring grades post and your TELS GPA is verified.

Please Note: You may require additional steps before summer HOPE may be applied to your account if you:

  • Are a new transfer student for the summer term,
  • Are only able to register for one course at the beginning of the term due to required prerequisites.

What will happen if I drop or add summer classes after my HOPE scholarship is applied?

If you drop or add classes after your HOPE scholarship is applied, your scholarship amount may decrease or increase. You will be responsible for repaying any portion of the award that is reduced if you drop courses July 1st or prior.

 If you change your enrollment status by dropping classes after July 1st (such as dropping from full-time to less than 12 hours or dropping from part-time to less than 6 hours), you will lose eligibility for the HOPE scholarship for all future terms.

Please keep in mind that this date MAY NOT coincide with the College's refund policy (or HOST School's) in regards to dropping classes. Please review this refund information carefully if you choose to drop a course.

We strongly recommend that you speak with our Financial Aid Office before you stop attending, drop any summer course(s), or totally withdraw after the summer term begins. Such an action may result in having to repay some or all of the scholarship or losing eligibility for the scholarship for ALL future terms! 

 Do summer classes count in my HOPE attempted hours and GPA

The classes you take this summer will be counted in your HOPE attempted hours and your HOPE GPA, even if you aren't receiving the HOPE scholarship for the summer term (such as if you take 1-5 hours). Thus, the classes you take this summer will count toward your 120-hour maximum. If you reach a 24 hour benchmark at the end of the summer term and are ineligible based on GPA, enrollment, or the 120-hour limitation, you will not be eligible for the scholarship beginning with the fall semester.

 Am I required to enroll for the summer term?

You are not required to enroll in the summer term in order to keep your HOPE Scholarship. The HOPE Scholarship program does require, however, that you meet continuous enrollment requirements throughout each fall and spring semester.  



Taking Summer Classes at Another School?

I’m taking ALL (or some) of my summer classes at another college. How can I use the HOPE?

Yes, students can use their HOPE Scholarship over the summer (or any other term) while taking classes at their local community college or university (the Host School). If ALL classes are taken at the Host school, the award is based on the type of school you are attending.

***Again, you must be at least 6 credit hours over the entire summer to be considered.***

Here are the steps to apply for HOPE to help cover classes taken at another school:

  • Be degree seeking and eligible for financial aid at Maryville College.
  • Be enrolled as a Transient Student at the Host school (must be an eligible Host school in the state of Tennessee,and register for classes there.
  • Complete Maryville College's Consortium Agreement and Summer aid application forms in the Financial Aid Office.
  • Verify that Maryville College has received the Consortium Agreement form back from the Host school.

  Important steps in the process -

    1. You are responsible for the payment of any and all educational costs incurred at the Host school and will likely be required to pay the Host School before your HOPE Scholarship is paid to you. HOPE Scholarship funds will not disburse until after July 1st at our institution.
    2. Funds are not sent to the Host school.  You must pick up your refund in Maryville College's business office.
    3. It is your responsibility to ensure that an academic transcript from the Host school is received by Maryville College.  Without a transfer transcript on file, HOPE Scholarship funds for future terms may be put on hold.
    4. You must notify Maryville College if you drop credit hours or withdraw completely from the Host school during the term specified as you could be required to repay funds

I’m taking ALL (or some) of my summer classes at another college BUT I'm only enrolled 1 - 5 credit hours. How is my HOPE affected?

While you cannot receive HOPE Scholarship funds, these credit hours AND grades still count in the HOPE attempted hours and HOPE GPA. **IMPORTANT** - Maryville College reserves the right to cancel ANY future awards if a Host school Summer transcript is received late in the subsequent fall or spring term and you are found to be ineligible for any reason.