Address any problem. Connect with any person. Launch any career. What’s just as important as learning about your world is discovering your place in it. Here, you’ll have every opportunity to find yourself, whether that’s through the Maryville College Works career preparation program, Study Abroad or one of our 50+ student organizations.

Maryville College Works: Find the Path. Gain the experience. Head into the market. — At Maryville College, the way you’ll prepare for a career is unlike anywhere else. Not only do we have an entire office dedicated to career readiness, it’s also integrated seamlessly into your curriculum through a program called Maryville College Works. While you’re developing critical thinking, problem solving, and communications skills in all your classes, you’ll also be putting those skills to work defining specific career goals and gaining the type of experience you can put on a resume.
Faith & Learning: Grounded in Service, Welcome and Growth — Maryville College Campus Minister the Rev. Dr. Anne McKee explains how the College promotes service in the world, spiritual growth and exploration, along with intellectual and emotional development.
Mountain Challenge and Fit.Green.Happy.® — Jackie Eul explains the joint Mountain Challenge-Maryville College Fit. Green. Happy.® initiative.
Study Abroad: Education and Travel Abroad — Learn what we offer, how it fits into your MC degree and how we make it affordable!
Maryville College Athletics: Go SCOTS — Student-athlete who's interested in a serious education? Sports lover? Fan? Maryville College Athletics Director Kandis Schram encourages students to enroll and join Scots Nation.
Student Affairs: Helping You Find Your Fit Outside of the Classroom — Meet Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Dr. Melanie Tucker. She and her staff will help you find your fit and your community at Maryville College outside of the classroom.
Residence Life: Pearsons Hall — Built in 1910 to house the College's dining room and kitchen as well as provide living quarters for students, Pearsons Hall underwent a major renovation in 2014 and 2015. Two floors provide residential space and consist primarily of double-occupancy rooms. A few of these have en-suite bathrooms, kitchens or kitchenettes. Pearsons also offers a community lounge with a full kitchen, study room and laundry facilities.
Alumni Testimonial: Boomer Russell ’19 — Biology alumnus Boomer Russell shares how a combination of strong academics, campus life participation and supportive faculty and staff helped him grow as a person and student and prepare him for a doctoral program in biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology.