The study of everything. The preparation for anything. Across our 60+ programs of study, professors emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication so that you’ll have the skills, experiences, and confidence for your first job, your next job, and jobs that haven’t even been imagined yet.

Scots Science Scholars: We are STEM — Learn about the unique programming that Maryville College brings to its students and the benefits of studying at a Liberal Arts College.
Behavioral Sciences Division: Psychology, Neuroscience and Child Development — Dr. Crystal Colter describes the Behavioral Sciences' majors and amazing internship placements available to Maryville College students.
Fine Arts Division: High-quality programs and facilities — Adrienne Schwarte talks about the award-winning programs of the Fine Arts, the numerous opportunities for artistic expression for majors and non-majors, and the incredible facilities of the Clayton Center for the Arts.
Humanities: Preparation for a Wide Range of Options — Dr. Phillip Sherman encourages students to choose a major in the Humanities Division, where professors and undergraduates ask the big questions of meaning and value.
Languages & Literature: Communication in Common — Learn about Maryville College's Languages & Literature Division and how courses in this division promote communication that brings people together.
Math & Computer Science: Uses in Today's World — The applications of Math, Engineering, and Computer Science can be seen everywhere, including in analyzing the COVID-19 outbreak. Dr. Jeff Bay talks about how Maryville College’s Math and Computer Science Division can prepare future students for meaningful careers in these fields.
The Natural Sciences: Pre-Professional Tracks and Opportunities — Dr. Drew Crain introduces you to the world of Sutton Science Center and the collaborative approach Maryville College takes with students.
Health Sciences and Outdoor Studies Division: Explore the Majors — Dr. Jennifer Oody gives an introduction to the majors within the Health Sciences and Outdoor Studies Division and the careers that those majors prepare students for.
Education Division: Student Teaching, Practicums and More — Explore the Educator Preparation programs, requirements and how to succeed with Dr. Rebecca Lucas.
Social Sciences: Numerous options and successes — Dr. Mark O'Gorman explains the many majors and talks about the many successes of Social Sciences, Maryville College's largest academic division.
American Sign Language at Maryville College — Get a glimpse of what it takes to get an ASL-Interpreting and/or Deaf Studies degree at Maryville College from Angela Myers.
Alumni Testimonial: Mindy Reagan ’19 — Maryville College’s major in music education prepared Mindy Reagan for a position teaching music in the Blount County School System but, as she explains, the College’s emphasis on communication and problem-solving have helped her better navigate the impacts of COVID-19 in her job.