Strong of mind. Brave of heart. Our goal is the same today as it was at our founding more than 200 years ago: produce graduates who are giving citizens and gifted leaders, who do good on the largest possible scale. At Maryville College, you’ll have opportunities inside and outside the classroom to develop leadership skills and then use them to impact your world.

Faith & Learning: Grounded in Service, Welcome and Growth — Maryville College Campus Minister the Rev. Dr. Anne McKee explains how the College promotes service in the world, spiritual growth and exploration, along with intellectual and emotional development.
Mountain Challenge and Fit.Green.Happy.® — Jackie Eul explains the joint Mountain Challenge-Maryville College Fit. Green. Happy.® initiative.
Maryville College Athletics: Go SCOTS — Student-athlete who's interested in a serious education? Sports lover? Fan? Maryville College Athletics Director Kandis Schram encourages students to enroll and join Scots Nation.
Parent Testimonial: Hallerin Hilton Hill — Hallerin, a Knoxville-based radio talk show host, motivational speaker and trainer, talks about how Maryville College inspired and equipped his daughter for life.