All MCAA Board nominations must be completed by January 1.  The Executive Committee of the MCAA Board will review the nominations and make decisions based on the information received.  Please review the Board Expectations document for information and insight to Board practices and expectations.

Finally, please discuss your nomination with the person being nominated prior to submitting to verify their interest in a MCAA Board position.
Is nominee currently active or connected with Maryville College? *
(For example, currently serving on a MC Board, participates in alumni events/campus events or activities, Great Scots! volunteer, K.T. Week, member of Calvin Duncan Society, etc.)
Have you asked this nominee if they are interested in serving on the MCAA Board? *

If you do not receive a "Submission Confirmation:" message at the top of the page after submitting the form, a required field was likely overlooked. Please review the submission.

Thank you for your nomination!