Blount County Alumni Association presents the annual...

Harvest Festival Bake Sale 

Bake Sale

October 19, 2019 - 9:00 am - 3:30 pm - Alumni Gym (New Location)

Obtaining a Maryville College education is a rare privilege.  The Blount County Alumni Association's (BCAA) goal is to make that privilege financially available to deserving students who might not otherwise get to attend MC. Many of us who are active members of BCAA received financial aid, so combined with your efforts, we truly want to "pay it forward."  The proceeds of the annual Blount County Harvest Craft Festival & Bake Sale go toward doing just that --through Maryville College student's scholarships.  Find information for Craft Festival vendors here.

For this effort, the Blount County Alumni Association requests your delicious creations to help fund Maryville College student scholarships at this year's Homecoming. Please help support our efforts by bringing your bake sale items to the Clayton Center, Balcony Level, above the main lobby, on October 19, 2019 or drop off your items at Willard House earlier in the week. The Bake Sale and Harvest Craft Festival are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on October 19.  We will be available starting at 8 am to receive your baked items but will accept items until after 12:00 p.m.
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Download the Harvest Crafts Festival brochure here

During homecoming, there also will be a roaming bake sale. Be sure to purchase a couple goodies for yourself as you partake of the campus activities. Many of our alumni purchase our items to freeze for upcoming holidays or even small reunion parties at their own homes. We do not mind a bit if you suddenly become an “expert” baker to your alumni friends!

What to contribute to the bake sale:

For your bake sale contributions, think a bit outside the traditional sweet offerings. Please note: items must be able to keep at room temperature.  

Here's what sells well:

  • Savory items are always requested, especially in the morning and at lunchtime.
  • Such things as breakfast muffins (cheese, ham, etc.), homemade Chex mix, mini loaves of
    zucchini or other non-sweet bread, homemade granola bars, and fruit and nut mixes sell
    especially well.
  • Sugar-free options are also well received.
  • While single-serve items do well around game time, large ticket items such as whole cakes,
    loaves of bread, whole pies, and cookies by the dozen also are popular for alumni and patrons who have house guests to feed.
  • We rarely have enough pecan pies to go around. Coconut pies, chess pies, fruit pies, and even fried pies sell well, as do herb breads, whole wheat items, healthy alternatives, and large MC themed sheet cakes, on which Scottie dogs can abound!
  • Other offerings such as caramel apples, fancy pretzel sticks, unusual cookies, and popcorn bags and popcorn balls fly off the tables!
  • Spiced nut cones and hand-crafted cracker mixes in individual servings are perfect for snacking while touring the grounds.
  • In recent years, layered jars (dry food mixes in canning jars) have been popular, including drink mixes, cookie mixes, cake mixes, and spice mixes ready to prepare at home.
  • Home-canned offerings should be limited to jams and jellies.

Bake Sale packaging tips:

  • Please make every effort effort to package your creations in appealing and beautiful ways. Baker's boxes, cellophane bags, orange and garnet theme ribbons and packaging all enable us to charge more for your items.
  • Remember, Scottie dog images sell!
  • We will be responsible for pricing, but if you have fancy price tags, please attach them to your item and let us determine prices. Our goal is to raise as much money as possible, and we will price accordingly.
  • Do not forget to shop at our Annual Homecoming Blount County Alumni Harvest Craft Festival located in the Alumni Gym.

Other ways to help:

If baking is not your thing, we would love to have you volunteer in other ways.

  • We have staffing shifts at the bake sale in the Alumni Gym and usually have needs throughout the day at the Craft Festival. Of course, we always appreciate cash/check donations for the Blount County Scholarship Fund. Interested?
  • If you would like to donate bake sale items to the effort this year, please contact Lori Bowers Zerick '81 at, (865) 983-1106 .