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Maryville College is working with Collegiate Tartan Apparel to provide traditional tartan apparel and accessories in the Maryville College “Scots” Tartan. Maryville College tartan merchandise includes: Kilts, Skirts, Serapes, Throws, Sashes, Tote Bags, Coin Purses, Tams and Caps. 

Please note that each item will be custom-made in the MC tartan, and the photos are only examples of the kind of merchandise available to us. Download descriptions and pricelist.



Tartan Kilt



Coin Purse

Coin PurseCoin Purse

Long Skirts

Long Skirts

Mini Skirts

Mini Skirt

Billie Skirts

Billie Skirt

Tartan Tote

Tartan Tote

Caps / Tams

Serapes / Throws



Important information for ordering:

  • The MC tartan wool has been specially designed and officially registered with The Scottish Register of Tartans but is not kept in stock at the different Scottish fabric weaving mills. Once the orders have been submitted, the different weights of our tartan wool will be created.
  • The weaving of the fabric, production, and shipment to you of ordered items might take up to 6 months. You can expect for your custom piece to be delivered to you in 2019. Place your order soon to "GET YOUR TARTAN ON" in time for the Bicentennial Homecoming Event in October 2019! 
  • Each item requires a 20% deposit at the time of order.
  • Kilts and skirts are custom orders and require a special order form. You will place your order via Michael Cannon, owner of Collegiate Tartan Apparel, based in NC. His phone number is (336) 690-0089, and his e-mail address is After making contact with Michael Cannon, he will send you an order form and the specifics of the orders (sizes, payments, shipping) will be directly handled between you and Michael.
  • These special MC tartan items are only available through Collegiate Tartan Apparel and will not be sold in the MC bookstore.