Feedback about Bicentennial Events and Projects

 As this year has evolved, everything I love about Maryville College has been evident. Wonderful students, families, friends, professors and more. We have seen their generosity, their enthusiasm for, and support of, Maryville College. Their spirit has been felt from one end of the campus to the other in activity after activity.

     - Wayne R. Kramer ’74 (Co-Chair of the Maryville College Bicentennial Committee)


MC’s Bicentennial celebration had many great moments, and we tried to be present at as many of them as we could. One of our favorite events was Lenny and Lindsey Lively’s original production ‘Sturdy as a Rock.’ Lenny wrote and produced the play, and his sister, Lindsey, wrote all the music. It was a wonderful and moving play, which we really enjoyed. We learned very interesting facts about Isaac Anderson, fascinating information about the early years of Maryville College, and enjoyed innovative and fun music. It was a very enjoyable afternoon. It added an additional dimension to the celebration of the college’s 200 years and our 50th year celebration! It was really a unique experience!

     - Ann Little Rigell ’69 (Member of Maryville College Board of Directors) and Craig Rigell ’69


As an MC alum, it was great to present this fun and educational activity book to my students and explain how important Maryville College has always been to this community. Actually, attending Maryville College led me to join this community, meet my husband, raise our son here, and eventually teach in Maryville City Schools!

     - Allison Barker Weaver ’07 (Member of Blount County Alumni Association’s executive board)


The importance of the event we had in Nashville was big, due to us as a campus being able to express our efforts in pushing diversity and inclusion on campus. It also meant a lot to me as a student to be there, because I had the opportunity to be a part of a group that had so much history behind it and knowledge of issues during civil rights – and ultimately of course being able to be in a building where actual sit-ins took place. To me, it was a moment of education unmatched and an even bigger stepping stone to where MC is going in the next few years.

     - Aaron Solomon ’20 (MC senior and past president of MC’s Black Student Alliance)


It was so much fun to get to celebrate 200 years of Maryville College history with the community during College and Community Day. In true MC event fashion, the campus was filled with students, alumni, and lots of future Scots! It was a great representation of all that I love about this college and the way that it brings people together.

     - Brittany Miller ’16 (Member of Blount County Alumni Association’s executive board)


Playing a part in Maryville College’s Bicentennial was a truly heartwarming and humbling experience and being able to share it with my sister, Lindsey Lively, makes it all the more special. ‘Sturdy as a Rock’ continues a strong tradition at Maryville College of students coming together to remember and honor Isaac Anderson’s noble vision that endures into its third century.

     - Lenny Lively ’19 (writer and director of “Sturdy as a Rock: Our Bicentennial Story”)


The Robert Burns Dinner is a national tradition that Maryville College celebrates due to our scottish heritage. This year, the Robert Burns Dinner acted as the student kickoff to the Maryville College Bicentennial Celebration. We celebrated with scotch, wine, and traditional food of Scotland, the most notable being Haggis! I was asked to address the Haggis last year by reciting a poem written by Burns to celebrate his appreciation of the Haggis. Upon the completion of the address, the celebration officially begins! Along with dinner, several students had the opportunity to recite Robert Burns poems. A Maryville College tradition at the dinner is to have a group of lads and lassies of the senior class recite poems that poke fun at each other. Having spent four years together, this tradition is eagerly anticipated by the seniors. A group of us lads wrote our own poem marking some of the memories we had throughout our time at the college. It's a wonderful tradition I hope Maryville College continues to celebrate!

     - Beau Branton ’19


My wife and I were at the Gala in October and were pleased that we made the effort to be at the College for the 200th. We especially liked the musical presentations by the College's voices then added with the alumni voices. The two numbers written by alums were pretty inspirational to me -- that we can do things on a larger scale. The Gala on Saturday night was really well presented and inspirational. A lot of the history is known by us all, but it is good to be reminded of where we came from and how we got to where we are. We had invited another couple to join us for the weekend.  He had been in college administration for his career, and he told me that he had never seen anything like that in his college working career, which I took as a positive. It was fun to see so many of our friends from our class years, and their children who are also alumni. It is too bad that Dr. [Gerald] Gibson was not able to participate, or to be there. He was missed.

     - Ron “Dock” Jennings '55 and Marilyn Baumgartner Jennings '57