Dear Members of the Maryville College Community,

President Tom Bogart in officeWhen I interviewed to become the president of Maryville College back in 2009, I knew that, if selected for the job, I could very well be the person to guide this institution through its 200th year in 2019. That possibility both excited me and scared me.

The excitement part, I probably don’t need to explain – milestone anniversaries are known for fun events, special guests, new ideas and more attention from the outside.  The fear comes from a little pressure.  Number 200 doesn’t come around again.  People will expect us to get it right.

“The bicentennial truly is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we want to make certain that we throw a celebration befitting this venerable institution,” the president wrote in memo to faculty, staff, students and Board members. “I am frequently asked about bicentennial planning, so I know excitement for this historic milestone is building among our constituents both on and off campus.”

Dr. Gerald Gibson, president emeritus, and Wayne Kramer ’74, former chairman of the College’s Board of Directors, will serve as co-chairs, Bogart said. Gibson, who led the College from 1993 until 2010, was president during the institution’s 175<sup">th anniversary celebrations. Kramer is a member of a family with deep Maryville College roots. His grandfather, Dr. Ralph W. Lloyd, was a 1915 alumnus and served as president from 1930 until 1961. Lloyd wrote Maryville College: A History of 150 Yearsin time for the College’s Sesquicentennial in 1969.

“Both Gerald and Wayne know and love the history of Maryville College, and I have no doubt that they will lead with wisdom and creativity, just as they did in their other official capacities with the College,” Bogart said. “I am pleased and grateful for their willingness to help guide the committee that will plan such a memorable year.”

Other members of the steering committee include Dr. Carl Gombert, professor of art; Dr. Drew Crain, professor of biology; Cole Piper ’68, executive-in-residence for the University of Tennessee’s Retail and Consumer Sciences department; Suzy Booker, vice president for institutional advancement; Sue van Aken ’83 retired administrator of the Franklin Township (N.J.) Recreation Department; Nichole Johnson McCord ’02, Title I teacher with Blount County Schools; the Rev. Dr. Anne McKee, campus minister; and Tom Taylor ‘70, mayor of the city of Maryville.

Seven members of the steering committee also will chair subcommittees that will be tasked with specific projects and responsibilities.

Gombert will chair the subcommittee charged with historical/legacy projects and storytelling. Crain’s subcommittee will focus on academic and co-curricular initiatives. Piper’s subcommittee will lead promotion and communication efforts. Booker will chair a subcommittee focused on fundraising and strategic initiatives, and van Aken and McCord will co-chair the subcommittee that will lend expertise in event planning. McKee and Taylor will co-chair a subcommittee charged with involving churches and the external community in bicentennial celebrations.

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