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When will the last day to move out be?

Students received information to sign up for allotted times slots based on their assigned residence halls. The College urges students to sign up and make arrangements for moving out during the times available per each building. Students experiencing extenuating circumstances that impact their ability to move out (e.g. in isolation) should contact Residence Life. 

What if I cannot pack all my belongings during the allotted time slot?

We know that the circumstances surrounding moving out are not ideal for our students. We have followed health and safety guidance to develop a process to ensure we are cleaning the buildings on a consistent basis throughout the day. As such, we need you to complete your move out during the allocated time.

What if I cannot move big items, like couches and refrigerators, during the alloted time slot?

We are optimistic that you can remove all of your belongings during the allotted time slot. Two individuals may assist you in moving your items, and should be able to assist with big items. We are unable to store or secure large items beyond the move out dates, so belongings left behind will be donated or discarded.

Can someone else move out my items?

Because most of our students share a living space with one or more other students, we are not able to allow someone else to pack up and move student belongings.

What if a time slot I was interested in is no longer available?

As we are following health and safety guidelines for the move out process, we know that students may not have received their preferred time slot. We encourage you to select another available time. Please know that individuals who show up without an allotted time slot will not be allowed to enter into the building until their reservation.

What should I do if I cannot make it due to self-isolation or quarantine?

Please let the Dean of Students know if you are self-isolating or quarantined.

Will students receive refunds for room and board?

Information and instructions regarding room and board refunds will be provided through students’ Maryville College email accounts by April 6.