This form is for students who are currently enrolled and attending classes for Fall 2019-Spring 2020 or just Spring 2020. If you are a newly admitted student (transfer or freshmen), please complete your housing information form from the MaryVille Portal (MVP).

2020-2021 Housing Selection Process

Steps for a successful housing selection process:

1. Determine who you would like to live with next year and what room type/s you would like. Be sure to make a plan A, B, and C.

2. Complete your Housing Intent Form and pay your housing deposit ($100). You can pay your deposit online with the housing intent form. You will need your roommate group information when completing the housing intent form.

3. If you are unsure of who you want to live with, check out a roommate social and/or come up to Residence Life. If you think you qualify and wish to live off campus, still complete the housing intent form.

4. Housing Intent forms and Housing Deposits are due by February 28th at 4:30pm

5. Depending on your desired room type, you will receive your lottery number via email sometime between March 3rd-10th. 

6. Show up at room selection. When your group is called come up and select your room.