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Summer Housing Roommate Preference

Note: Your roommates must also select you, and must be congruent with the type of housing you choose.

Selection of Suites:

Suites have 2 doubles, a single and a double, or 2 singles and a double in kitchen suites. Please rank your choices 1-5.

Double room in a suite $95/week *
Single room in a suite (very limited) $117/week *
Double room in a kitchen suite $117/week *
Court Street Apt. double room $115/week *
Single room in a kitchen suite $140/week *
Rules and Regulations

I agree to abide by all residence hall and campus policies as outlined in the current Maryville College Student Handbook. I am responsible for the condition and proper care of the space allotted to me and shall reimburse the College for all damage to accommodations during the period of agreement. I understand that there is a $50.00 room key charge if not returned at check-out. Alcohol is not permitted in the residence halls during the summer. Smoking is not permitted inside campus buildings. This agreement is to stay in the residence hall from the dates listed. If the student has an outstanding balance on their account, this application may be denied.

The College reserves the right to enter a room to perform emergency or routine maintenance. The College also reserves the right to enter a room to enforce College policies, regulations and rules.

I have read the conditions of this application and contract and understand that any violation of them will result in my eviction from summer housing : *

If you do not receive a "Submission Confirmation:" message at the top of the page after submitting the form, you probably missed a required field.