The Business Office notifies students when statements are ready to view and pay via their Self-Service account, typically around July 8 for the fall semester and December 10 for the spring semester. The statement includes all charges and all anticipated financial aid based on the information the student has provided regarding enrollment status, room and board plans, and financial aid awards up to that date. If there is an error on your statement, contact the Business Office at 865-981-8249 or Financial Aid at 865-981-8100 immediately.

Payment is due by August 1 for the fall 2017 semester and January 5 for the spring 2018 semester. An $80 late fee will be added to all accounts not paid by the due date. Students will be unable to move into a campus residence facility, use the meal plan, or register for classes if the bill is not paid in full. Failure to complete financial aid paperwork or failure to make necessary room and board changes is not an acceptable reason for waiving this requirement. If a student adds classes after the payment due date that have an additional fee, the additional fee will be due at registration.

Please note: If a check tendered for payment is not honored by the bank due to nonsufficient funds (NSF), it will not be redeposited. If the bank does not clear your check, you will incur a fee of $30. You must immediately send a certified check or money order for the amount due, including the NSF fee, to the College to cover the returned check. Postdated checks are not an acceptable form of payment.

Students will receive registration instructions by email from the Registrar.
A bookstore credit will only be issued if the student has a credit balance on his/her account. Anticipated student loans will not be considered adequate to create the credit balance. Students should come prepared to pay for their books.
Maryville College offers the option to participate in a monthly payment plan. Payments for tuition, room and board may be spread over 10 - 12 months using the Tuition Management System's Monthly Payment Plan. This plan is interest free, requiring just a $55.00 enrollment fee to set up your annual plan. Tuition Management System's Monthly Payment Plan allows enrollment by web (, paper application, or over the phone by calling 1-800-722-4867.

Payment methods available include paper check, E-check, credit card, and money order, with a 5th of the month due date.

Check your statement carefully to ensure the financial aid awards agree with your financial aid award letter. If there are discrepancies, contact the Financial Aid Office (865-981-8100) immediately to resolve any problems.
Maryville College offers direct deposit to student workers for their payroll checks. Contact the Human Resources Payroll Manager for information on setting up this convenient alternative to payroll checks. Students may not apply the work-study award against the amount due on their statement.
Please obtain as much information about scholarships and benefits as possible. If the outside scholarship comes directly to the College, be sure the organization giving the scholarship has informed the Financial Aid Office of the amount and date the scholarship will be disbursed. If the scholarship, benefits and/or reimbursements are paid directly to the student, they will not be deducted from the balance due and cannot be deferred.
Maryville College makes every attempt to protect all students’ confidential information. A unique ID number is assigned to each student by our computers. This number may be found in the upper right hand corner of the student’s statement. Please use this number whenever possible.